Saturday, November 20, 2010

Girls Trip

A couple weeks ago I went on a girls trip to Florida. E was left with my husband who is wonderful with him and his diabetes. I was looking so forward to getting some sleep. Sleep is something I don't get enough of waking up sometimes 5 times a night. A good night I wake up at least 3 times to check E's blood. I would stay up all night if I had to......... E 's life depends on me.

It is funny first night away from home. I wake up on all of the check times for E. My body is so use to waking up I can't sleep at night.

Second night I just expected to not sleep at night and just wake up like always but just sleep in a little. Of course I wake up and my mind starts to wonder. What is his number? Is he High? Is he Low? Did my husband do what I would have done? What if he over sleeps and doesn't get up. I toss and turn. Finally I text him....... How is E? He text's back relax I got it under control. Which I know he does........ but still I can't sleep. In fact I think I sleep worst when I am away from E .........Just thinking about the what ifs. I thought to take some kind of sleep medicine but can't what if something goes wrong and my husband calls me and needs me to help him and I don't hear it because I am knocked out on sleep medicine.

Last night with the girls and we are just hanging around relaxing and chatting doing girl stuff. My husband calls me and says don't freak out but we are bringing E to the ER. Don't FREAK out what of course I FREAK out can't breath my heart is racing. I am 6 hours away and it is late at night and of course I didn't drive here. SO I can't just leave. E's blood has been really high and his Ketones are 4.2 extremely high. The doctor says bring him to the ER. This is not our regular doctor and doesn't know E or our family..... knows zero about us. I try and get a hold of myself think think what to do what to do. I call on of my close friends who's daughter has type 1 and husband is an Endocrinologist. She ask me questions and we talk she calms me down. She helps me decide on what to do.

I call my husband and tell him what to do first before he brings him to the ER. Is he throwing up........ NO Is he acting sick...... NO. He gives him a shot and plenty of water and liquids. After a couple of hours Ketones come down and high numbers come down. No ER trip.
Thanks goodness. His Ketones have never been so high and we don't know how they went so high so fast. I think I would have lost it if he would have had to go to the hospital and I was not with my E.

The girls trip was lots of fun but no sleep for me.


  1. I am so glad that you had your friend to turn to! E would have been even more miserable in the ER without you. Mom to the rescue! I'm sorry you got no sleep, but SO happy you had a little away time!

  2. Wow - that's great - so glad you were able to avoid the ER. Way to rock it even from the road DMama!

  3. Crystall, I am so sorry for you. My heart was racing with the details. I hope you get your dog soon, some rest next, and that in time, his diabetes is controlled easier. I am amazed that your are super alert and keep him so healthy. I know that he will have you to thank for protecting his body from the ravages of diabetes. I pray they find a cure soon, very soon.