Saturday, November 20, 2010


We where lucky to have such a learning experience with diabetic alert dog Mallie. She was truly and amazing dog that really put her heart into making us happy. Mallie was such a great alerter. She was just not the right dog for our family. Wildrose wants to make sure they have the right alert dog with the right family. Mallie was scared of loud noises and we are a loud family. Mallie is a country dog and not use to loud city noises. After thinking long and hard we decided to give her back to Wildrose. To my understanding she is doing great with her new owner!!! I miss her dearly!

Wildrose has been training Jazz for us for about 6 months now. Jazz is doing wonderful and will be trained and ready for us in May. Jazz came to visit us about a month ago...... I was truly amazed at how obedient she was. Waiting for our diabetic alert dog Jazz is like waiting to have a baby. In the end it will be so worth the wait! Jazz will be like a having a extra weapon against this terrible disease called Diabetes.

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