Monday, April 19, 2010

Pump in on

After 3 hours of training we are now using the pod. I have so much going on in my head. The pump is going to be a learning curve but I am up for the challenge.

New words of the day...

1. Bolus

2. Temp Basal

3. Cannula

4. Infusion Site

5. PDM

I thinking it will be a very long night. First night with the pump not knowing what to expect with E's blood numbers. No more Lantus!


  1. I hope tonight is a big success! For years I got the words basal and bolus mixed up! You guys are going to do great! Lots of support out there if you need it! Best of luck tonight, and every night!!

  2. Thank you for your thoughts and support........

  3. Good luck Crystall!!! I look forward to hearing how this works for E :) Change can be scary, but you will do great I'm sure.

  4. How did it go? (and what is the first picture?)

  5. Funny... I need to take the first picture off it didn't come out like it should have. Will post update!

  6. All those new words for you remind me of diabetes camp. You are doing great and hopefully this pump will do it's job to make your life a little bit easier!!

  7. Thanks Sara... I know it will get so much better! No more shots for E.