Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First night with pod

I knew it would be a long first night with the omnipod. E went to bed with his blood in the mid 200's. At first I was a little nervous giving a correction in the middle of the night. Ean not getting is night time Lantus shot made me really nervous also. I corrected his blood twice in the middle of the night. Not knowing if he would drop from the correction. I woke up every two hours to check his blood. Yes I know that is a little to much but I was so worried.

The PDM keep telling me to check for Ketones. This really stressed me out. I didn't want to check E in the middle of the night for ketones.... which involves me putting a cotton ball in his diaper. ( I checked for ketones right before his bed time) I know I have to check for ketones but reading it on the PDM was scary...

His blood finally went down around 3:00 am to 189. Way better then the 300's. I woke up around 5:00 to check his number again to make sure it was not dropping low. When I would finally drift to sleep I would have dreams about checking his blood , lows and highs. Really the first night with the pod felt like the first night on my own from the hospital.

Today was way better. His numbers where pretty much under 200 all day and he had no lows!!! E's blood has not been this good ever before. Hopefully tonight will be better.

I am a little disappointed just found out today that I can't down load the Omni Pod Software to print out his daily logs from the PDM. The pod doesn't link to a MacBook. :( I will have to see about using a different computer. Maybe in the near future they will fix this problem. I am so loving pump life.


  1. I'm sorry last night was a little rough for you, I know all too well that fear that can sometimes haunt us during the evening hours. I don't have my girls on a pump yet but I am sure that it is quite a learning curve.

    I am so happy that his numbers were good today, it sounds like you are going to do great with the pump :)

  2. Thanks Connie.... I think it will get better in the near future. I am really loving not giving shots.

  3. Sounds like it's going well. I acutely remember the first week of pumping - particularly the nights. Getting the settings established can be tricky. It sounds like you're halfway there. Thanks for keeping us posted!