Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Omnipod

Monday we will start E on his omnipod pump. The omnipod rep will spend at three hours training us. Talked the rep into coming to our house instead of me going to the Doctors office to train. Us being at home will be way easier on E. He will be able to play and take a nap while we learn the pod.

The omnipod is a tube free pump! I will put insulin in the pod and then stick it to E. The pod will insert the needle with a push of a button. I should only have to change the pump site every three days..... way better then five shots a day. I hold the PDM (Personal Diabetes Manger) to deliver the insulin to him. The pump will calculate the insulin dose for me. I will still have to count the amount of carbs he eats. It also has a built in blood glucose meter, which means one less thing to carry around. E can wear the pump when he takes a bath or goes swimming! Hopefully the pump will help reduce highs and lows a little better. The flexibility of the pump will be awesome!


  1. Good luck! My son, Caleb, is 7 and has been using OmniPod for three years. We've been very happy with it.

    If you ever need another user's perspective, feel free to reach out to us!


  2. Thanks Lorraine..... I have watched some of you videos on youtube with Caleb and his pod. I love your videos!!!!

  3. Good luck with this Crystall, it sounds great!!! My girls are not on a pump yet but it is something that we are working towards, hope he loves it :)