Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In this picture you can see the indention on his left arm from insulin. It is called lipoatrophy - Loss of fat tissue :( His Doctor switched his insulin from Humalog to Novolog.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fun Day at the Park

Ean and Ellis had a wonderful time playing at the park! Riding a pony for the very first time. Checked E he was almost 300!! Thinking to my self that is a really high number being E was running around like a crazy 2 year old. I take a peek at his pod.............. it had fell complete off!!!

Rounded up the kids and headed home for a pod change.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Ean and Ellis at Bach lunch today.......... they had so much fun running around! Checked E he was 150 15 minutes later in the 70's!!!!! One juice and he was good to go.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Night time LOW

I wake up every night at 2:00 or 2:30 am. Never has E ever been low at this time. I use this time as a base for my night....... this time is usually a time he some times goes really high.

As I walk to his bed to check him I notice he is a little more sound a sleep then normal. I just had this feeling. I prick his finger and hold my breath waiting for the number to appear on the meter. While waiting I touch him as I always do to make sure he is breathing. Quickly 39 appears on the meter. My heart races as I open a juice for him. He is out of it but thankfully downs his juice. I open another juice and he drinks it just as fast. After a hour of waiting and checking he comes up to 160 a safe number for me to go back to sleep. I lay in bed and set my alarm for a hour later..... another sleepless night.

THIS is a perfect example of why I don't sleep. Thank god I woke up when I did....... a number that low he could of had a seizure or even worse. I can't even let my thoughts go to the even worse.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Acadiana Village

We took the kids to Acadian Village. Acadian Village has tons of Christmas lights and
amusement rides. Ean and Ellis loved all of the rides! They loved loved loved the train..... both of them must have rode it 6 times!

While waiting in line I checked E's blood figured he was excited so he might drop soon. I brake out all of the the equipment to check him, in line while waiting for the train. Looking to my left two little girls were staring at me. Quickly I look at the parents and say he has Type 1 Diabetes ....... and continue to check him. I take for granted that other kids and family know and understand everything about Type 1. Wishing I had time to explain in detail to the two kids what was going on..........the line moves forward.

As the line moved...... E's BG number is low in the 70's. I quickly give him a juice ( which he downs oh so fast) The two kids that where watching quickly lose interest and life goes on.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


We where lucky to have such a learning experience with diabetic alert dog Mallie. She was truly and amazing dog that really put her heart into making us happy. Mallie was such a great alerter. She was just not the right dog for our family. Wildrose wants to make sure they have the right alert dog with the right family. Mallie was scared of loud noises and we are a loud family. Mallie is a country dog and not use to loud city noises. After thinking long and hard we decided to give her back to Wildrose. To my understanding she is doing great with her new owner!!! I miss her dearly!

Wildrose has been training Jazz for us for about 6 months now. Jazz is doing wonderful and will be trained and ready for us in May. Jazz came to visit us about a month ago...... I was truly amazed at how obedient she was. Waiting for our diabetic alert dog Jazz is like waiting to have a baby. In the end it will be so worth the wait! Jazz will be like a having a extra weapon against this terrible disease called Diabetes.