Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We had a amazing weekend in Oxford ,Mississippi, despite the terrible weather, flooding, rain, thunderstorms, and tornado warnings. Wildrose is such a beautiful place in the middle of no where. I learned so much about Diabetic Alert Dogs (DAD). I am just so amazed how well-trained these dogs are. A diabetic dog gives a trained signal to alert its partner to low or high blood sugar levels

Here are some of the events that took place....

- For example one of the DAD dogs alerted on this little girl (her owner).....the dog was inside with the Mom and the dog started to alert a low. The girl was outside playing kick ball!!!!!

-We were about to eat lunch with everyone when Bear (DAD dog) and his owner sit down next to us. Bear starts to alert on Ean right away. I checked E's blood and it was 68!!! It was so amazing to see this happen. Wow- is all I can say.

-A family is training there own DAD dog.( Gracie) They picked up Gracie from wildrose at six weeks. Wildrose starts to train the dogs starting at one week. They introduce the low scent to the puppies at this young of age. They let the puppy sleep with the little girl in the hotel room. 3:00 am the puppy starts to lick and nibble on the little girls ears. The mom thought maybe the puppy needed to go to the restroom. When the mom returned from outside she placed the dog back into bed with her daughter. Right away the puppy stared to lick her daughter. The mom decided to check he daughter..... she was low!!!! AT SIX WEEKS THIS PUPPY ALERTED!!

Our puppy JAZZ is 6 weeks old. She is a cute yellowish white puppy. E loved Jazz..... he kept saying puppy over and over again. It is going to be a good while before Jazz is trained enough for her to come home with us. During the training process we will send low scents to the trainer. We will try a see Jazz through out the training. I just can't wait!!! Its going to so worth the wait in the end.

We did have a little stress with E on the trip. When we first arrived at wildrose E had tons of lows. I am thinking he was just so excited about everything. We adjusted his carb ratio which helped out with some of the lows.

On Saturday morning I checked E's blood at 3:00 am it was 500!!! I called the doctor and she told me to give insulin by shot and change out the pod. E woke up just fine with the new pod. We eat breakfast bolus and make our way to wildrose. I check his blood around 9:30 and its 500 again!!! Call the doctor again and do another shot to bring his blood down. She tells me to change out the new pod. The doctor mention to me that this being the 3rd pod to just stop working for no reason maybe I received a bad batch of pods. I am going to call Omnipod and look into this.

Needless to say our our trip was great success. We look forward to bringing Jazz home!!!


  1. Jazz is precious!

    I am so excited for you and E. I am sorry about the lows...

    Whoo Hoo!

  2. Jazz is a doll!!! I'm so excited for your family! Jazz is going to make things so much less stressful!

  3. Oh! He's SO cute! I love it! I can't wait to hear more about him and your experience! It sounds sooooo cool! SO happy for you!

  4. That is wonderful!!! I am so excited for you and for E, I imagine that having a dog like Jazz in your home is going to give you some much needed stress relief :)

  5. That is great news! I was just wondering when you say you are going to send a low smell how do you do that?

  6. Katerina when ever E has a low we freeze his shirt and socks. We just started to take a q tip and put it in his mouth to get spit on it..... and then freeze. This is what they use to train the dogs on lows.

  7. I find this very interesting! Keep us posted:) you must be very excited!

  8. Ok I need to write this as I don't know how else to share it with all the D-moms. I just tried the tiniBoy lancets they are tiny and painfree and I am soo excited they are perfect for our little ones -well mine is not that little anymore he is 10- but still.. I urge you to try them

  9. I have benn wanting to try the tiniboy lancets,,,,,,thanks will have to try !!!!