Wednesday, April 28, 2010

After last night highs things evened out over the night. The new pod and site change seemed to do the trick.

Today the twins were playing out side for about one hour or so. I left the house right before they came in from playing. I got a text about 45 minutes later from Candace my nanny saying E was 55 so she gave him juice. He was very alert and happy to drink the juice. Candace walked out the room for a second to text me about his low. About 5 minutes after the text Candace calls to tell me E passed out in his chair half way falling over to his brothers chair face forward. She had to pick him up and move him around before he woke up. She told me he would open his eyes and then close them again......then his eyes would roll back before he shut them again. He was very lethargic. Before she decide to give him another juice she checked his blood 120. Candace said there was no way he was just sleeping. It happened very fast.

I still don't understand what happened 55 is not a number for him to pass out. I have been so very sad all day.

I was not there when this happened. Candace did a great job and had the situation under control but...... me not being there upsets me. I understand things happen but I can't kick this feeling I have.

I called the doctor and she said the meter could have been off and maybe he was lower then 55. Maybe he was dropping fast and it took a little while for the juice to kick in. He might have dropped some more before going up again.

The Doctor raised his insulin to carb ratio from 20 to 22. Hopefully this will help with his lows. I am very thank full everything turned out the way it did and Candace checked his blood when she did.


  1. Oh Crystall...I'm so sorry!! Dang often I know that Jada is lower than what it says...So scary...SO glad that he's okay.

  2. That is so scary. I am so, so sorry that happened. We learn from D and then you have to move on. Don't dwell on it - - - we are all doing the very best we can for our little ones. You are doing great and you will continue to learn and grow. Here's to better days and better numbers!

  3. So sorry Crystall. I'm so glad that your nanny knew all the right things to do. That must make you feel a little better knowing you have someone competent to handle this stuff when you can't.
    I always wonder with those meters. They only have to be within 20% accuracy by law. So 55 could mean anything from... 44 to 66?...I think that's right. And that's before other variables related to the strip like aging, temperature, humidity, and user error like amount of blood sample, or not getting their hands completely clean. Scary.
    I'm so so sorry. These kids are very resilient though. :)

  4. OH, Crystall!!!!!!

    I know how incredibly scary this was. Addy used to have HORRIBLE lows when she was little. She passed out and hit her head at least once a week. Candace's description of him slumping over, lethargic, eyes's all EXACTLY what Addy went through. It was absolutely gut wrenching and I found myself constantly fearful of when a low like that would strike next.

    Addy has been much lower than 50 a few times on this journey...but those lows never caused this. I think these episodes had more to do with how fast she was dropping vs how far she dropped....and I would catch them in the same range every time.

    I blogged a little about it after Addy lost one of her front teeth recently:

    To this day, I carry multiple quick sugar sources. Sometimes she wasn't able to drink, in addition to juice, I also carry Cake Mate (to rub in her gums -- yes I've had to use it), Starbursts (b/c sometimes she's just really stubborn when she's having a bad low and that's all she'll take), Glucagon (have never used it, but can think back to 3 distinct times I probably should have.)

    As she's gotten older, these horrible lows are fewer and far between. I attribute the decrease in these episodes strictly to learning how to manage active IOB. Once I got a handle on how to interpret the IOB information and apply it to whatever situation we were dealing with, these lows decreased DRAMATICALLY. It's the reason I'm so outspoken about IOB...because, to the heart of my core, I truly believe IOB has saved Addy's life.

  5. Laura put it very well. Tomorrow, and every day, is a fresh start.

  6. That sounds so scary! Thank goodness he is okay and your nanny was there and took such great care of him.

    I am so sorry that happened, it really scares me that the meters we rely on so much could be so inacurate.

  7. Oh my gosh! I can just imagine the panic your nanny must have felt! I am so impressed with the way she handled it, you've got a keeper there!!!

    That is just so scary. (((HUGS))) to you and your family!!