Monday, March 29, 2010


I had my twins sleeping all night when they turned 3 months!!! I read three books.... on how to get you babies to sleep. When E go diagnosed with diabetes I remember the nurses waking us up at night to check E's blood. Thinking in my head can't wait to get home so I can sleep all night long. Little did I know I would not sleep at night. Last night I checked E and his blood was 279 which is high but he is high at night and then drops to a safe number on most GOOD nights. Around 4:30 I checked him again because he woke up Crying. Before Diabetes I would have just let him cry. His blood was 179 still a good number. E keep crying I didn't know if he was crying because his blood was dropping or because he just wanted to sleep with me. Yes I said sleep with me. Its been a bad habit that we started since diabetes. I just want to make sure E is ok so when he wakes up... he gets to lay with me until he falls back to sleep . Then I make sure his blood is at a good number and off to his bed he goes. I am so lucky Ellis sleeps all night....doesn't even wake up when E is crying. My sweet Ellis. One of my biggest fears...... Ean dropping low at night and having a seizure or even worse.


  1. I think I had the exact same thought in the hospital!! I forgot about that until I read your post :)THANKS

  2. I hear you! Avery slept thru the night so early and was such a great sleeper... Still is. But we are up all hours now checking. I so miss a good nights sleep. Avery used to go to bed on her own- just a story and a tuck in. Ever since dx- almost a YEAR ago- she wants one of us with her, she has nightmares.... So much changes. I just try to enjoy the time spent with my sweet girl and try to forget the rest!