Sunday, March 28, 2010


E's diapers were leaking but I just thought he was out growing his diaper. He was sleepy all of the time I just thought he was getting sick. He lost about 4 pounds I just thought Ellis his twin was gaining weight. He started to drink a lot of water I just thought he was very thirsty. I brought him to the doctor only because it was a Friday and I thought he might be coming down with something. The drinking a lot of water did concern me. Thank god my doctor ran some blood test. I got the phone call I would never forget. Crystall........ Ean has Type 1 Diabetes. Still not knowing what that meant..... how could he have Diabetes only unhealthy people get Diabetes. I didn't know what to think my poor baby was very sick. E was only 14 months old. The doctor said I have to bring him to the hospital right away his blood sugar was over 600!!!! 90 to 12o is normal. We spent 3 nights in the hospital getting his sugar stable and teaching me how to give shots and count carbs so I can keep him alive. It was all very hard to take in. I just had no clue about Type 1. Highs and Lows. Carb counting and measuring. The first time I gave E a shot I got really dizzy and started Crying. I could not believe I would have to do this every day. I didn't want to leave the hospital..... it felt very safe. The first night home I was so stressed!! I woke up all night to check on E. Ean was our doctors youngest patient and the Hospital's youngest. I don't remember the first week.

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  1. Crystall, this is such a heart wrenching story! My Natalie is just 23 months and I could not imagine enduring such...My prayers go out to your entire family and especially Ean. Your strength and determination shine through with your posts and educational efforts about this terrible disease.